The Jordanian Society of Family Medicine

The Jordanian Society of Family Medicine was established in 1993 and is one of the organizations under the umbrella of the Jordanian Medical Association.​

Among the most important activities of the Association:

  1. Setting the job description for the family doctor and officially approved by the Jordanian Medical Association Council in 1994

  2. Holding a group of scientific days and lectures with or without the support of pharmaceutical companies as it was the first scientific day in 1994 and the most recent in September 2017

  3. Held a series of scientific conferences where the first conference of the Assembly was held in 1996 and the latest conference No. 11 2016 and all international conferences

  4. A 94-hour workshop entitled "Family Medicine between Concepts and Practice" was held in 1996-1997

  5. Attracting many colleagues and colleagues to join the association, where the final number reached more than 150 colleagues and colleagues

  6. He played a major role in establishing the World Organization of Family Medicine for the Eastern Mediterranean in 2009

  7. The Association also played a key role in the creation of the Arab Organization for Family Medicine under the umbrella of the Union of Arab Doctors' Associations, which was stumbled because of divisions within the Union itself

  8. Election of Jordan as representative of the Society of Jordanian Family Medicine specialists to head the World Organization of Family Medicine for the Eastern Mediterranean Region for the years 2013-2016 and renewal for a future session until 2018.

  9. List the prices of medical procedures and their approval by the Medical Association

  10. Updating the job description to suit the latest developments of specialization

  11. Individual and group participation in the presence of regional and international conferences by the Association's doctors

The Association aspires:


  1. Increase the number of members of specialists and residents

  2. Activate the scientific program especially the wave for residents in partnership with the heads of specialization in the ministry and the Royal Medical Services

Members of the administrative body
Dr. Mohammed Rasoul Tarawneh, MD, JMB

President of JSFM, currently the Secretary General of High Health Council, he was Ex-director of : PHC, Planning , NCD, Cancer Prevention, Medical Training and Education at MOH , Chief of Family Physicians 1996-2008. Earned his MD from Leningrad Medical Institute in 1985. JMB in Family Medicine in 1994, Diploma in Diabetes from Cardiff University –Wales.

Dr Doa Hammouri, MD

استشارية طب الاسرة

البورد الاردني 

ماجستير في طب الاسرة الجامعة الأردنية/ جامعة براون Rhode Island 

Founder and owner of modern center for family Medicine 

Founder and owner of VIP Beauty Clinic (aesthetic non surgical procedures)

Mohammed Ibrahim Tarawneh MBBCH, JBFM

With 30 years’ experience in PHC field either in the Royal Medical Services or in private sector in Jordan; Dr. Mohammed Ibrahim Tarawneh was tutor, master trainer and examiner. Furthermore he worked as coordinator for family medicine residency program in the Royal Medical Services (RMS). With vast experience in leading humanitarian field hospitals abroad. Currently he is the president of the World Organization of Family Doctors for the East Mediterranean Region 2016-2018.

Dr. Eiman S. Al-Jabi, MD, MRCGP 

Consultant and Family physician.

Secretary of the Jordanian Atherosclerosis and Hypertension society. 

Dr. Oraib H Alsmadi, MD

Dr. Oraib Alsmadi is an expert in health care management and quality improvement. She is a consultant in Family Medicine Specialty with 25 years of experience in the primary health care (PHC) field in Jordan and   the region.  Oriented person with strong management and leadership skills. Currently she is Service Delivery Improvement Team Leader in Abt Associates Inc, and WONCA EMR treasurer,

Dr. Maha Al-Saheb, MD

holds an MD degree (1980) and Jordanian Board in Family Medicine (2002), public health oriented and strong advocate for gender sensitive human rights and child protection. Dr. Maha currently manages the main comprehensive center (clinical, psychosocial ,and child development ) of  the Family Health Institute \Noor Alhussein Foundation and continues working as freelance at local and international in the fields of healthcare systems’ assessment, quality improvement, human resources for health competencies, and technical proposals and reports writing.

Dr Mustafa Qauasmeh, MD

Graduated from Italy, Jordan Board of Family Medicine holder since 1990, has 18 years experience in Royal Medical Services, and a vast experience in private sector where he works as a private hospital director and actually he is working as medical professional director in Al Esra private hospital in Amman.

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